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Fire Prevention & Emergency Management


Major emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life and can come in many forms or types of hazards, including bushfire, flood, severe storm events and major road transport crashes.

The Shire of Wagin faces the potential risk of a variety of emergencies both natural and man-made, due to our topographical features.

The way we prepare for these events can make the difference between the emergency managed without significant loss and disruption a disaster that can have major impact on life, property and the environment.

History shows that to minimise both the occurances and impact of emergencies we need to move the common element of disaster by acknowledging:

The inevitablility of severe events.

That emergency services may not be able to immediately meet all individuals and community needs.

That people with special needs will require additional support; and

That preparing communities are less likely to suffer consequences of severe disaster and are more able to recover from them.

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