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Local Government Elections

Council operates under a 4 x 2 Electoral Cycle which simply means Councillors are elected for 4 year terms and elections are held every two years - where half the Council will be up for election.

Council elections are now conducted on the First Past the Post System, whereby the person with the most votes is elected - no preferences are required. Council elections are held on the third Saturday in October every second year. The next ordinary Council election will be held 21 October 2017.

This Year, due to Councillor resignations, there are eight (8) Councillor vacancies:

Six (6) x 4 year terms and two (2) x 2 year terms.

Nominations for Council open on the 7 of September 2017 for a period of one (1) week closing 4 pm sharp on the 14 of September 2017.




WEBINAR for Prospective Elected Members


Ever thought about nominating to become a Councillor, but you aren't sure if the role is for you? Then be sure to register for this free webinar to have all your questions answered.

Topics will include:

·        an overview of Local Government

·        the Roles and Responsibilities of Council and Council Members

·        behavioural expectations of Elected Members

·        an overview of the skills required to be a successful Councillor, and

·        impacts on Home Life

The target audience for this webinar is anyone who is thinking about nominating for Local Government election.

Like all of WALGA’s webinars you will have an opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A Session at the end of the presentation.

Date: Thursday, 17 August

Time: 5:00pm - 5:45pm (including presentation and Q&A session) Be quick to register as places will fill fast.

To register for this free webinar please Click Here