Mosquito Fogging

The Shire of Wagin would like to inform residents that fogging of mosquitoes will be an ongoing practice in the townsite of Wagin, to reduce the risk of mosquito borne viruses. Mosquitoes are a major cause of human and animal sickness and death. Mosquitoes can be serious pests, interfering with leisure and outdoor activities. Therefore it is important for people to take personal measures, such as the use of repellents, to reduce the risk of contracting disease and to reduce the breeding.

We use a Typhoon II fogging machine which spreads a very fine mist which is invisible to the naked eye (droplet sizes less than 20 microns) - as per the chemical manufacturer's calibrated formula. These small droplets stay suspended for longer periods of time due to their size and are distributed more evenly, remaining effective longer. The machine works on the speed of the vehicle - so the higher the speed, more chemical is dispersed - the lower the speed, less chemical dispersed. Due to environmental and economic reasons, the method of fogging is effective as it means that areas can be treated with the least amount of insecticide, at a higher rate of efficiency. Staff have done a lot of research in this area and Council is committed to providing the best possible mosquito control service within its means.

Mosquitoes - Fact Sheet

Mosquito Fogging - Chemical Fact Sheet

MSDS - Thermal Fogging & ULV Insecticide Concentrate

Residents can assist mosquito control by checking and eliminating potential backyard breeding sites. Breeding sites can be formed where water is allowed to lay or be stored in water tanks, fishponds, buckets, pet bowls and plant trays. Mosquito proof cowls should be fitted to sewer vent pipes to prevent breeding in septic tanks.

To avoid being bitten:

  • Avoid being outside when mosquitoes are most active - early mornings and evenings
  • Cover up when outdoor with long, loose fitting clothing as mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing
  • Apply personal insect repellent to all areas of exposed skin at four-hour intervals. The most effective repellents are lotions
  • Avoid areas of high mosquito activity, eg. lakes, ponds, saltmarshes
  • When entertaining outdoors use products such as mosquito coils and citronella to repel the mosquitoes
  • Install insect screens on all doors and windows on houses

Unfortunately, total eradication is not possible but the Shire of Wagin is making every effort to reduce the adult mosquito population, therefore reducing their reproduction numbers.

Should you require any information on mosquito fogging, please contact the Environmental Health Officer, Trevor Brandy on 9861 1177.