Red Card For Red Fox Programme

The landholders of Wagin and Woodanilling have been actively engaged in controlling the red fox for many years. The red fox is a major pest in the area and has a significant effect on our native species of birds and small mammals as well as impacting lambing numbers.

Organised local fox shoots are held annually targeting not only foxes, but also rabbits and cats with a friendly competition run to encourage entrants to excel! These are run on specific weekends upon which the Sport Shooters Association of Australia donates $5 for every fox shot to go towards the Regional Men’s Health Initiative. This organisation was chosen as it is one that seeks to help rural men to maintain their physical and mental health. 

On local farms, 1080 baits are laid, generally during the period of April-March each year. Landholders are also encouraged to take part in September baiting as this is when the young are vulnerable.

We also hold a further fox shoot later in the year which is a friendly competition between Shires. The “Smiddy Memorial Fox Shoot” is held in memory of a local Wagin man Darren ‘Smiddy’ Smith who was an avid shooter right up until his passing and active community member contributing to organisations such as the local Volunteer Fire Brigade. Originally between Wagin and Woodanilling, the last few years have seen Dumbleyung also enter teams who compete for sponsored prizes and their name and Shire recorded on the memorial trophy.