Red Card For Red Fox Programme

The landholders of Wagin and Woodanilling have been actively engaged in controlling the red fox for many years. The red fox is a major pest in the area and has a significant effect on our native species of birds and small mammals. On average, 1300 1080 baits are laid, co-ordinated through the zone during the hot baiting period of April-March each year. Landholders are also encouraged to take part in September baiting as this is when the young are vulnerable.

In conjunction with many other shires in the wheat belt, the Red Card for the Red Card Programme is now a State-wide programme, putting the control of this pest in the hands of a great joint approach.

Local fox shoots are also held annually to assist the baiting programme.

We have currently held some interesting research such as the role of vertebrates in spreading weeds and fox DNA research in how far they travel.