Update 24/09/2021

As belows report of 13/9/2021 - but also including:

Delyanine North Road - open to light traffic only. 

Lime Lake West & Andrews Roads remain closed due to water over the roads.  

for any questions or concerns - contact the shire on 98 611 177

Update - 13/09/2021

All unsealed roads within the Shire of Wagin are now open, however, Andrews Road remains closed due to water across the road.

Evans Road is now open - light vehicles only. 

Harris Road - the last 4 kms is unsafe for heavy vehicles & closed to everything over 10 tonne. 

Road Update 25th August 2021



(Most Roads Now Open)

Most Shire roads are now open to traffic. The exceptions are those few roads that are still too badly damaged and/or have water crossing over them. Sections of roads that cannot be used are clearly marked with “Road Closed” signage.

The 4.5 tonne weight limit has been lifted on roads throughout the Shire and truck/trailer configurations may now use roads as normal. Whilst much work has been and is still being done to ensure that roads are safe and trafficable, table drains are still carrying water from rainfall runoff and seepage from adjoining properties which has resulted in road shoulders becoming very soft. Drivers of heavy vehicles are requested to use extreme caution when passing other vehicles, as the road shoulders may not sustain the weight of vehicles as they do in normal conditions.

At this stage, road damage throughout the Shire has been estimated at $263,000 and the Shires Works Crew has been working extended hours to bring roads back into a safe trafficable condition

Appreciation is extended to all those road users who have exercised patience and observed the limitations and changed conditions over the past few weeks. Acknowledgement is also made of those property owners who have allowed the Shire to access gravel in order to effect repairs. This has been sincerely appreciated. 



Contact the shire on 98 611 177 if you have any questions.