Council's Principal Environmental Health Officer/Building Surveyor is outsourced to skilled surveyors. Please contact the Shire of Wagin in the first instance who will be able to advise you on the next steps. 

Please call the administration office for an appointment.


Building Licenses

A building license must be obtained before work commences on any building, other than sheds used solely for rural purposes outside the townsite of Wagin.

Building applications should include two copies of:

  1. Site plan
  2. Working drawings (min.scale 1:100)
  3. Specifications

All applicable forms can be downloaded from the links below or are available from the Council office.

Building Act

Application for Development Approval

Application for Building Permit - Certified (BA1)

Application for Building Permit - Uncertified (BA2)

Application for Demolition (BA5)

Notice of Completion (BA7)

Application for Building Approval Certificate (BA13)

Owner Builders

Owners wishing to build for themselves are required to apply to the Building Commission for an owner builder licence when the cost of the construction exceeds $20,000. 

Environmental Health

Council's contracted Environmental Health Officer is responsible for a diverse range of issues such as - Food premises and food handling procedures, Sewerage and septic tank inspections, Investigation of food complaints, Waste disposal, Water quality, Infectious disease monitoring and control, Accommodation building and caravan parks, Public Buildings, Pesticides and Pest Control, Offensive trades, Noise complaints, Public swimming pools.

Regular inspections are conducted on all food handling premises and any concerns should be directed to this office.

Water Sampling

Advice and sampling, in certain circumstances, can be arranged by contacting the Shire of Wagin.

Waste Disposal

A sign at the Landfill Site explains materials acceptable for disposal and those wishing to dispose of asbestos are requested to contact the PEHO to ensure correct handling, transport and disposal can be confirmed.


The Shire of Wagin is guided in its planning by the Town Planning Scheme and all applications to use or develop land are considered by Council. The Scheme is legally binding and sets out Council's obligations, policies and provisions for the use and development of land. The Scheme zoning map and text are available for viewing at the Council Office.

Local Planning Scheme No. 2

Applications For The Development And Use Of Land

Council approval is required to develop, intensify or change the use of land and all enquiries should be directed to the Building Officer.

Council may approve, with or without conditions or refuse stating their reason for so doing, bearing in mind the applicant has the right of appeal to State Administrative Tribunal. There is a 28 day time limit in which to lodge an appeal.

Applications For Subdivision/Amalgamation

Applications should be made directly to the Western Australian Planning Commission in Albany, with the application forms being available at this Office or The Western Australian Planning Commission will refer the application to various Government bodies including Council before making its decision. This process may take 90 days to complete.