Red Tailed Phascogale

Red Tailed PhascogaleWe are incredibly lucky to be the home of a small mammal known as the Red Tailed Phascogale (phascogale calura). The Red Tailed Phascogale is an endangered species. This species was formerly widely distributed across semi-arid Australia, but now only survives in the Western Australian wheat belt – it appears relatively abundant in suitable habitat in areas of wandoo and rock-oak from Brookton to Wagin.

They often come into houses in towns and on farms in the Wagin and surrounding areas to nest and forage for insects.

The Wagin Woodanilling Landcare Zone has some great projects running to research the habitat, activities and habits of this amazing little creature. We also hope to increase community awareness and hope to help understand the declining of this species and help them maintain habitat in the area. We have community sighting forms available and are learning new facts about this creature every day.

For more information contact us on or 9861 2222.