Council Agendas & Minutes 2020

Date Agenda Minutes
25 February 2020

February Agenda (PDF)
Attachments (PDF)

February Minutes (PDF)
24 March 2020 Annual General Meeting of Electors Agenda (PDF) Annual General Meeting of Electors Minutes (PDF)
March Agenda (PDF) March Minutes (PDF)
28 April 2020 April Agenda (PDF) April Minutes (PDF)
26 May 2020 May Agenda (PDF) May Minutes (PDF)
23 June 2020 June Agenda (PDF) June Minutes (PDF)
21 July 2020

2020/2021 Draft Budget Agenda (PDF)
Attachment (PDF)

2020/2021 Draft Budget Minutes (PDF)
28 July 2020 July Agenda (PDF) July Minutes (PDF)
25 August 2020 August Agenda (PDF) August Minutes (PDF)
22 September 2020 September Agenda (PDF) September Minutes (PDF)
27 October 2020 October Agenda (PDF) October Minutes (PDF)
21 November 2020 November Special Agenda (PDF) November Special Minutes (PDF)
24 November 2020 November Agenda (PDF) November Minutes (PDF)
15 December 2020 December Agenda (PDF) December Minutes (PDF)

Committee Agendas & Minutes 2020

Date Agendas Minutes
28 July 2020 Audit Agenda (PDF) Audit Minutes (PDF)
11 August 2020 Works and Services Agenda (PDF) Works and Services Minutes (PDF)
18 August 2020 Sportsground Advisory Agenda (PDF) Sportsground Advisory Minutes (PDF)
8 September 2020 Finance and General Purposes Agenda (PDF) Finance and General Purposes Minutes (PDF)
14 September 2020 CEO Review Agenda (PDF) CEO Review Minutes (PDF)
15 September 2020 Tourism and Promotion Agenda (PDF) Tourism and Promotion Minutes (PDF)
13 October 2020 Works and Services Agenda (PDF) Works and Services Minutes (PDF)
15 October 2020 Townscape Enhancement Agenda (PDF) Townscape Enhancement Minutes (PDF)
10 November 2020 Local Emergency Management Agenda (PDF) Local Emergency Management Minutes (PDF)