Giant Ram/Wetlands Park

One of the towns major attractions, the Giant Ram was built in Wagin and was put in place in May 1985.

This means Bart will be 40 years old on May 9th 2025, and we are planning a celebration, save the date, book a room, bring your friends - its going to be huge. 

Thousands of tourists visit the ram throughout the year which is located in the Wetlands Park.

Built of steel, surface covered in fibre glass.

Giant Ram Details
Sculptor: Andrew Hickson
Name: Bart
Height: 9 Metres
Weight: 4 Tonnes
Length: 13 Metres
Width: 6 Metres
Date Erected: 9th May 1985

Giant Ram (Bart)   



We have recently added a couple of new attractions in the Wetlands Park. Head over to check it out. 

Indigenous Seasons

Funding from Auspire has allowed us to participate in the creation of these artworks identifying the six indigenous seasons of the year. 

Birak - season of the young - first summer from December to january

Bunuru - season of adolescence - second summer from February to March

Djeran - season of adulthood - Autumn from April to May

Makuru - season of fertility - Winter from June to July

Djilba - season of conception - first spring from August to September

Kambarang - season of birth - second spring from October to November

Season Artists

The artists worked very hard on getting the designs right in a smaller version then we arranged for larger versions which were completed on Australia Day 2023. 

The Parkland is also home to a new playground area, with fantastic equipment.

Kids park

And the

Lotterywest  Ninja Park

Ninja Park Kids at Park 

We have recently added a couple of new attractions in the Wetlands Park