Works And Services

Roadworks form a major portion of the Council’s annual budget expenditure. Council has in recent years followed a stringent program of resealing works which is aimed at preserving Council’s existing sealed road assets. A Five Year Road Program has been developed for future works.

Gravel upgrades and other construction type works are dealt with annually during Council’s budget deliberations. Requests should be forwarded to the Council prior to the budget when public submissions are called.

Road Maintenance

Grading, rolling, cleaning of drainage, culverts etc on Council’s roads are performed throughout the Shire as part of the Council's maintenance program.

Works request forms are available at the Council office. Dangerous road conditions should be reported to the Shire immediately. Urgent matters such as fallen trees, wash aways, collapsed culverts, etc will receive prompt attention where there is a danger to life or damage to property.

Crossovers - Council’s current policy is to provide one crossover to Council’s specifications for each property.

Private Works

Private Works do not form part of the Council’s core operations. However, Council has and is willing to perform these works for residents under the following conditions in accordance with Council Policy:

  • That works can be performed without detriment to Council’s Works Program.
  • Payment is paid prior to commencement of works based on an estimate for works.
  • A Private Works application form is signed requesting the works and acknowledging that the estimate provided is only an estimate and full costs will be accepted.

Fenceline Clearing

Landowners are required to seek Council approval to clear roadside vegetation for fencelines etc. A site inspection will be undertaken with the owner. In deciding an application it is Council’s policy to preserve established trees where practicable.

Any debris or spoil created by the clearing of a fenceline or the erection of a fence is to be drawn off the road reserve and disposed of by the landowner or his/her land.

Permission must be obtained prior to any clearing on a road reserve.

Find the form here Roadside Fence line clearing Application