Media Release: Shire President condemns to Live Sheep Export Ban Decision

Published on Tuesday, 14 May 2024 at 10:35:06 AM

In a disgraceful turn of events, the Western Australian sheep industry, represented by the iconic Bart the Giant Ram, has been traded away in a shady backroom political deal to win the by-election for the seat of Dunkley.


Under cover of darkness, the Federal Minister orchestrated a deal that equates to trading a cow for three beans. This transaction jeopardises the future of an industry that has diligently met and surpassed all regulatory benchmarks, and contributes significantly to the nation's export revenues.


Bart the Giant Ram, a symbol of pride for our rural communities and recently featured in a special coin release, now faces an uncertain fate.


"There is no point having a Giant Ram in a Rural Community that has no sheep," the Shire President said.


The ramifications of this decision will be felt in households across Western Australia.  Rural communities pride themselves on their resilience meeting the challenges of flood, drought and fire but they will struggle to withstand this attack from politicians in Canberra.


The Shire of Wagin, alongside many regional Western Australian communities, is now faced with an uncertain future, tasked with supporting a rural community that has been deprived of the means to support itself.


The Shire calls on the Commonwealth Governments to reverse its decision and to engage in genuine dialogue with Western Australian farmers and agricultural communities.



Cr Phillip Blight



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Media Release: Shire President condemns to Live Sheep Export Ban Decision

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