Restricted Burning Period

Published on Tuesday, 19 March 2024 at 10:56:12 AM

The Shire of Wagin is now in a Restricted Burning Period: 15th March to 30th April inclusive.

During the Restricted Burning Period, permits to burn are required.  These may be obtained from the Local Volunteer Fire Control Officer, for your area or the Shire of Wagin if the property is within the Fire & Rescue District. A List of FCO’s can be found on our website.

When to obtain a permit:

  • For burning bush and grass
  • For burning small heaps of garden refuse
  • Sunday Burning is discouraged

These times may be varied by the Shire of Wagin depending on seasonal conditions.  Changes will be publicized in local papers and on the Shire of Wagin website

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