Flood Damaged Roads

Published on Wednesday, 4 August 2021 at 9:21:02 AM



The Shire’s road network has sustained a lot of damage over the last two weeks due to flooding. Several sections of road have been flood damaged and the Shire is in the process of assessing the cost and extent of repairs that will be required. Priority is being given to restoring school bus routes and the areas that could present a danger to road users.

Because the roads are still very wet and susceptible to further damage by heavy trucks, the Shire has imposed the following conditions until further notice:

  • Several roads have been closed to ALL traffic and have been signed accordingly. (Refer to Shire website for updates)
  • A 4.5 tonne weight limit has been placed on all Shire roads with the exception of agricultural machinery.
  • A 40 KPH limit applies to all gravel roads within the Shire.


In the event that trucks over 4.5 tonne have a special need to access the road network (such as fuel trucks) drivers are required to contact the Manager of Works on 0427611252 or the  Shire Office on 98611177 beforehand. This will result in the required road/s being inspected to ensure suitability and safety before specific approval is given. If approval is given, only single trailer units will be permitted.


This action is necessary not only to prevent further damage to roads, but to reduce the incidence of trucks having to pass each other on narrow roads with saturated road shoulders which significantly increases the likelihood of accidents.


This is a challenging time for the Shire and all road users. There have been disturbing incidents of truck/trailer units traversing roads that have been closed to vehicles over 4.5 tonnes, causing further damage and putting other road users in danger. Drivers of these vehicles face the prospect of being reported, fined and made liable for the cost of restitution of the damage they have caused. They also run the risk of their insurance not covering them in the event of an accident.

 Appreciation is however extended to the majority of road users who respect the current limitations and to those landholders who have allowed the Shire access to gravel on their properties, to enable road repairs to be expediently attended to.


The Shires website www.wagin.wa.gov.au provides a link to road conditions and the status of closures.




Wagin - Wickepin Road

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